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Be aware that under California law, if you use a company or an individual that is not licensed, you are financially responsible for them and their employees if they get hurt. You are also responsible for any damage to your neighbor's property that THEY cause.

Our services include palm tree skinning and trimming, tree removals, stump grinding, shrub and hedge pruning, tree planting, grass seeding, landscaping, brush removal, lot clearing, and firewood sales and delivery. We have a certified arborist on staff. We have also expanded our tree services to include excavation, large area clearing with debris removal and other construction and de-construction cleanup type jobs.

Orange County Palm Tree Trimming

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We will devote our time and efforts to make sure that our customers are hiring a company that is qualified and skilled to do the tree service work you contract us to do. We are a small enough company to give personalized service, yet large enough to have the right equipment to do the job. Our tree service company has done jobs as small as trimming 1 tree or clearing an entire lot for a retail strip center. We presently service many hospitals, schools and apartments, and HOA's.

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